Which Came First, The Content or the Campaign?


We were tasked to develop an educational and entertaining video to open the annual HARMAN Electronics Global Meeting in Miami, Florida. The video needed to explain the core product offering and technologies of the HARMAN Connected Car division: Digital Cockpit, Telematics, Advanced Displays, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The video's purpose was to kick off the keynote speech presented by the company’s president.


Explaining one of these high-tech products, let alone four, in under 2-minutes, proves to be a challenge. Coupled with making the video entertaining, we had our work cut out for us. Taking a different approach, we decided to break the video into six parts. The first to open the show, the next four to introduce each technology section of the presentation, and the final to close the keynote and wrap everything up.  The savvy execs at HARMAN bought into the strategy and we were off to concepting.


The impact the video had at the show was tremendous. Never before had the complex technologies of the ‘Connected Car’ division been so clearly explained. 
Both the company's CEO and President demanded the videos be rolled out through their social media channels, and featured on their corporate website. Furthermore, given the nature of the story, HR has added the videos to their new hire package so they can be viewed by new employees and of course... interns.

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