Refreshing an Organically Grown Brand


Incrediwear engaged with ATOMIC D to refresh their organically grown brand and position them appropriately for accelerated growth in the US and successful expansion into the global market.


To begin, we needed to determine if the product was being marketed to the right customers, in the right stores, and in the right departments. Interviews with key stakeholders, retailers, and customer focus groups helped us refine the market positions for the brand and identify a variety of customer segments to target.


With the positioning in place, the next step was to develop the way the brand would speak to their range of customer segments. This began by understanding the varying needs of their different customers, unifying the brand voice, then arranging their messaging structure to appeal to their different customer segments without changing the overall meaning of their message.




Next, we needed to look at the brand’s visual identity. The logo had originally been created hastily out of necessity, without much thought about the brand strategy or personality. The first steps were to fix the obvious design flaws, make the logo more clear, amplify their status as a legitimate business in a market full of gimmicky products, all without burning up any brand equity established during its early years of operation.


To take the logo one step further, we continued design iterations to visualize how the brand image could evolve even further in the future and better represent the new brand promise while separating their identity from the original orange "i" element and logo which still connected to another brand.


With new branding and a resolved focus on the right target markets and customers, Incrediwear was ready to take on the world. The only issue still remaining was that they lacked assets and content that matched their new professional image. ATOMIC D produced a new suite of photography, video, and graphics to showcase the products and meet the standards set by the new brand image.

435 Harriet St. | San Francisco, CA | 94103
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