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Creating a multichannel regional advertising campaign


New Balance came to Atomic D with the idea of producing a targeted “Urban Sport Lifestyle” campaign for the metro areas of DC, Maryland & Virginia, an area locally known as “the DMV”. Dating back to the '80s with their introduction of the 990  (the first running shoe ever priced over $100), New Balance has had a strong and enthusiastic base of urban followers in the DMV. With New Balance planning to plaster the images and videos in Outside-of-Home (OOH) locations in the metro areas of the DMV, including hundreds of billboards, digital displays, and POP in-store displays, it was mission-critical that we accurately represent the essence of the area, its passionate consumers, and their beloved brand.



In the beginning, we had an extensive shot list of outfits and poses to capture with limited budget and time. With the budget at hand, we could shoot video and photos in two days. We had a month to make it happen, and New Balance requested the photos and videos be delivered as quickly as possible for immediate media placement. We needed to move swiftly to schedule shoot days, hire talent, assemble and organize the crew, and source, scout and permit locations in two cities.


With hustle and serious teamwork, we were able to bring together an incredible crew, scout and land our ideal locations, and schedule, capture and deliver New Balance’s selected social influencers in proper DMV style. And more importantly in time. The results have been incredible; the DMV has been covered with New Balance and DMV imagery, and New Balance experienced an increase in sales across the DMV.  

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