Evolving channel marketing content into a global campaign


New Balance approached ATOMIC D to produce a highlight video for a new product featuring a novel approach to lacing and tying shoes. The new product was to be marketed to kids and tweens, but the video was meant to motivate product interest for customer sales reps within the sales channel. This was a challenge we viewed as an opportunity.


We presented concepts for the video, but framed them as a dual purpose channel marketing campaign. The campaign would satisfy both the B2B needs of educating channel CSRs about the product, as well as serve as a suite of B2B2C content for digital and social media campaigns targeting the end consumer.


The North American marketing team shared the strategy and creative with their colleagues in Global Marketing at NEW BALANCE who immediately picked it up as a global campaign. The results included a variety of :90, :30’s, :15’s, and :10-second versions of the spot, a library of still image photography for use as in-store/POS collateral, and banners for digital marketing purposes.

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