Creating custom characters to tell a branded story.


Pandora approached ATOMIC D to create an animated series campaign to promote their new Artist Marketing Platform (AMP). We love character animation and when we learned they wanted the main character to be based on one of their employees, and his band “Stone Dog,” we were stoked.


The challenge with this project was as usual… time. We had five weeks to develop characters and a look for the animated series that fit Pandora's newly launched brand image, then animate the 5-part series. It was an insane schedule on it’s own, and we were simultaneously producing a 7-part animated series campaign for Dun & Bradstreet... now that was just certifiable!


At the end of the day, we “rocked” it. The content series represents some of the best work we’ve done in animation, and our clients at Pandora were thrilled. Their CEO even commented that the animations were his favorite Pandora campaign to date.

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