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Designerds You Can Trust

Hiring graphic designers that actually give a damn

At a time when entire business ecosystems are being disrupted, staying on brand is more essential, and more challenging than ever before. With major shifts happening in your market, and perhaps even your industry as a whole, you are working tirelessly to keep your brand consistent.

You may have undergone furloughs and layoffs, cut higher-end contractors, and new people may be shuffling in and out of your organization. And whether the rules of your brand are brand new or decades old, there are fresh faces who don’t yet know them like the people they have replaced. Talent has arrived from staffing agencies, and freelancers have stepped in to lend a hand. You need the support, but how can you trust outsiders with your brand at a time like this?

Say you require graphic design work and bring on a freelance designer. While boasting an impressive portfolio, the designer drops in without ever glancing at your brand guidelines. They come in to create amazing graphic visuals and get compensated for their efforts, but do they really take the time to get to know your audience, your brand identity, purpose, vision, mission, ethos, and entire visual and non-visual messaging strategy? What’s more, freelancers experiencing job insecurity are often looking for the next project opportunity on the horizon and sacrifice the time they should be dedicating to your brand.

Now untrusting of freelance graphic designers, you look to staffing agencies for support (and maybe your company is not willing to chance a stiff fine from AB-5) only to realize you’re getting the same talent, with the same issues, only now at agency rates.

All of this is not only a challenge, it’s a burden. You don’t have time for it.

That’s why we created Designerds. A new, fresh approach to bringing on supplemental design support. Designerds is an entirely different and hassle-free service that will put an end to going through staffing agencies or hiring freelancers. The biggest difference? We train and test our people in your brand BEFORE they ever start a project. The way it should be.

Designerds are agency-caliber designers employed by ATOMIC D, but work 100% for YOU. They rotate inside your office, or work remotely.

Designerds keeps your brand on brand, so you don’t have to worry about going off brand. And you don’t have to stress about sourcing, training, hiring, schedule management, or estimates. We cover employment, HR, benefits, and PTO. Just one flat fee a month, based on freelance rates.

Unicorns don’t exist. Or do they?

Interested in going hassle-free? Visit to learn more.


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