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Inktober 2021 at ATOMIC D

The ink has dried and the submissions are in! This month, the team at ATOMIC D took on a group challenge to explore their sketching skills for #Inktober2021 and the results were as varied as the personalities on the team.

What started as a self-challenge for one man to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits has now grown into a worldwide happening that thousands of artists undertake each yea.

Traditionally, people will challenge themselves to one drawing a day, but in the spirit of group collaboration, we left things a little more free flowing, opening the scope up to have people choose whichever of the challenges they were most inspired by.

Submissions could be digital or traditional, they spanned small drawings on sticky notes to larger, more experimental offerings. All took a creative and personal approach to visually presenting a single term.

Take a look at the gallery below to seem more from the collection:

Learn more about Inktober here.


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