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What would life really be like if we had augmented reality.


Samsung was considering entering the virtual reality market, but first wanted to consider a product's viability in real use cases. At the time, there had been a lot of "viral" videos circulating from brands like Magic Leap, Google, and Microsoft demonstrating AR through eyewear, but they all seemed to be sensationalized visual articulations of the experience. Samsung asked us to create a video to show what AR would really be like through wearable eyewear, and put it into context of a real life situation.

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To address the technical experience of AR through eyewear, we first began researching the real possibilities and limitations of projecting augmented visuals onto the lens of a pair of glasses.  We consulted with then Samsung VP, and overall super-genius, Dirk Smits. A former student of Stephen Hawking, Smits provided all the technical specifications we needed to visualize a true projected AR experience. Next we needed to deliver that experience through a story people could relate to. What could be more relatable to a wide audience than a first date?


The original concept we pitched was set at the California Academy of Sciences, however, due to a scheduling conflict, we needed to find a second location at the last minute. As a result we moved the entire production to the Oakland Zoo, just days before principal photography. The set change turned out to be a hit and the video played an important role in Samsung's decision about how they would enter the AR market. Special thanks to the giraffes who made a cameo in the project.

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