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Explaining the 4th Industrial Revolution in 90-seconds


Samsung contacted us with an urgent request to produce an opening video for their president’s keynote presentation at SLUSH. The Direction: Explain “The Economy of Data.” The Requirements: Make it understandable to a global audience. The Catch: 11 days to make it happen... No problem.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.30.37 PM-967
Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.30.59 PM-964
Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.30.08 PM-963
Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.29.30 PM-968


We specialize in working with companies in the technology sector, so we had a basic understanding of the meaning of the direction. Next, all we had to do was figure out a way to tell the story, and that is exactly what we did. We told the story of data, from where it begins, to how it is processed, to what we get from the results. We had to tell this story quickly, clearly, in as few words as possible to meet our deadline and to be consumable by a European audience. Animation seemed like the best option.


Here are the results in The New Economy of Data.

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