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Bringing lifestyle and emotion to technology.


In 2014, Samsung launched a multi-project initiative around digital health called Voice of the Body. For the launch we produced branding for two of the projects. The first, SAMIIO, an agnostic cloud-based big data analytics platform, and the second, Simband, an advanced sensor health and wellness wearable. The following year they asked us to produce a lifestyle video to visually market these products. The challenge, however, was that the products were not ready for distribution, and most likely would not be production ready by the release of the video at the Samsung Developer's Conference that year. We had to be prepared to produce a video which could be flexible in its message and content right down to the last minute.

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Because the statuses of both products were not solidified, the creative was in a constant state of flux and we continued to iterate the script up until a few days before the event. When the time finally came to shoot, we had locations, talent and a crew of top video production talent in the bay area assembled and ready to execute against our ever-evolving creative.


Voice of the Body 2.0 was the result, a beautiful lifestyle video which premiered at the Samsung Developer Conference, opening up the keynote presentation on Digital Health and highlighting how Samsung plans to connect to peoples’ lives in the future.

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