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Designerds FAQ

How long has Designerds been around?

Designerds was originally developed as a part of an extension of ATOMIC D, our full-service creative agency, in support of clients with ongoing in-house design needs. Going back to 2014, it has since proven effective onsite or virtually for any in-house creative team.

Do we need to provide workstations for the Designerds?

All Designerds come with their own workstations and standard design software packages. If your business has special security processes, we can get our team setup with your computers too. Specialty design software will billed as an added expense.

What kind of design does this service support?

Designerds are agency level graphic designers and their dedicated support is meant to facilitate production design needs for your creative department. Premium creative services are also available through ATOMIC D on a per-project basis.

How many designers do to I need to bring onboard?

The minimum number of Designerds for a rotation is one (1). For every seat your company signs up, we guarantee at least three (3) trained and tested Designerds to be well versed in your brand and workflows. If you need added support for short periods of time we can provide additional designers into your rotation in weekly blocks.

What is a design rotation?

We developed the Designerds service so that multiple designers learn your brand. This keeps you covered in case of sick days, PTO and unexpected emergencies--you’ll never be short handed. The designers rotate their schedule with your team so they are always familiar with what’s going, and someone can jump in as needed without skipping a beat.

How are rotations scheduled and billed?

Rotations are scheduled on a quarterly basis, and adjusted as needed. Invoicing is done monthly on net 30 terms, and a deposit which equals four (4) weeks service is required for new customers.

What if the Designerd assigned isn’t a good fit?

Your company has the right to veto a new Designerd for any reason during their first two weeks in the rotation. We work closely with all clients to get our team trained and to deliver above and beyond expectations.

Who is in charge of the Designerds while they are onsite?

You are required to have a point of contact for Designerds to check in with and receive assignments and creative direction from daily. We will handle all scheduling and employment management for Designerds so that they can get to work.

How soon can I get a Designerd working for me?

Building your training guide takes one (1)-two (2) weeks.We simultaneously train and test our Designerds to get up and running in two (2)-four (4) weeks with agency level and trained designers. Let’s get started!