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Designerds are not freelance graphic designers, they are much much more. For starters, Designerds are each full time employees of ATOMIC D, a San Francisco design and marketing agency, NOT A STAFFING AGENCY! As an agency graphic designer you are joining a team of creatives who collaborate every day on projects and brands of all kinds. 


Designerds have the best of both worlds, they get the variety, and pace of agency work, but also the exposure and experience of working at some of the world’s most innovative, notable, and exciting brands. Similar to freelance work, every few weeks you’ll be working at a different location, a different company, and with different people. The difference is, as a Designerd, you won’t be alone on an island, you’ll always have access to a growing group of talented people who will be there to help you manage your time and workload, develop as an artist, and of course just have fun with.


Every few weeks, you’ll pop out of your rotation from company to company and come back to your agency, ATOMIC D. There you will be able to share your experiences with other Designerds, and learn from theirs as well. You’ll also get the opportunity to refine your skills and train in new tools as our industry evolves. It’s all part of the program. Variety, community, education, and artistic expression. These are all part of what makes Designers a magical and fun creative-experience.


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