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Peter Williams Promoted President!

More that just a tongue twister, the decision is not only about leading ATOMIC D today, it's about leading the industry into the future.

San Francisco, Sept. 1, 2020, ATOMIC D, a branding and marketing agency, announces the promotion of Peter Williams, formerly Head of Operations, to President of the agency and tasks him with scaling the company’s new Service as a Product business model in a post-pandemic world.

Since 2017, ATOMIC D has been working with global brands like Twitter and Samsung to develop Designerds, Design as a Service, the agency’s new solution to complement and extend any brand’s internal creative teams through direct on-site or remote agency-grade design support.

Peter has played a consummate role in the development of Designerds,” says Brian T. Nowac, CEO and founder at ATOMIC D. Over the past three years, Williams has managed both the client relationships and the project workflows for Designerds as the new business model was developed and refined.

The focus has been understanding our client’s needs and developing an agency design solution that fits the way they work, not the way agencies have historically operated,” says Peter Williams, the new President.

As President of ATOMIC D, Williams is tasked to go to market with Designerds in the San Francisco Bay Area this year, while the world is still sheltering in place, for a final stress-test of the Design as a Service model before taking the solution to scale across the country in 2021.

The Designerds methodologies may result in much more than just a successful productization of a service. “The model is about reducing friction everywhere it resides,” says Williams, “and maximizing the investments made by both the agency and client toward their unified and mutually beneficial business goals.

In the future, the Designerds model could fundamentally change the relationship between agency and client, and result in an entirely new way of providing services necessarily performed by people rather than software.

With Designerds, we’re at the precipice of productizing our core service offering. That’s kind of the holy grail of achievements for any serviced-based business. Peter has always had the right mindset and focus to keep the company’s eyes on that prize without sacrificing our people, compromising our stability, or losing our culture,” says Nowac.

The decision to promote Williams comes in conjunction with the agency’s founder and CEO Brian T. Nowac and Executive Producer Brian Cibula leaving the day-to-day operations of ATOMIC D to focus on a new startup venture in the virtual production industry. Nowac and Cibula will remain partners with Williams in the ownership of the agency, but will no longer work for ATOMIC D on a daily basis.

Peter and the Brians discussing business at the agency's favorite happy hour watering hole, Ted's Sports Bar on Harriet @ Brannan in San Francisco. Photo Courtesy of Elaine Cheng.

In the near-term, Nowac will retain the title of CEO and remain connected to ATOMIC D as an advisor to Williams. The pair will meet on a regular basis to maintain a constant dialogue about the status of the burgeoning business, the performance and growth of Designerds, as well as the operational trajectory for the agency’s future.

Designerds, Design as a Service, is an efficient, collaborative, agency-grade service designed to meet the everyday needs of enterprise-level branding, marketing, and advertising departments where freelancers, creative staffing agencies, and fast turn-around app-based design services fall short.

ATOMIC D is a branding and marketing agency in San Francisco. Established in 2014, the agency has become a notable agency in the Bay Area through successful partnerships with brands like Twitter, Samsung, New Balance, Paramount Pictures, Harman, Bluescape and Pandora.

Today, ATOMIC D offers premium design, illustration, and animation solutions to better enable brands accomplish their marketing and business goals.

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